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People, which made this project possible.

When people come together, great things can be accomplished. Teamwork is one of the most important building blocks of successfully creating a business. With more people comes unique ideas, different ways of thinking, and new perspectives. As a team, we work together to provide our customers with the highest quality of herbs and tea, as well as encourage health and wellness. We promote the benefits and healing power of nature. Our biggest priorities are our customers and the community. We aim to help the environment by creating 100% recyclable and compostable products that everyone can enjoy. Donations and collaborations are some of the ways we give back to the community, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to try our products. Whether you have a health issue or are exploring new teas, we want to provide a unique blend for you. Star Herbs Tea was once a dream but is now a reality thanks to the help of our wonderful associates. 

Thank you, for help with:

Sofia Perez

Content, Articles, Recommendations


Leo Star

Web Management, Herbalist


Co-Owner, Supervisor

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