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Call for Sponsors

   We desire to spread our passion for connection by gathering people together to combine our love for herbs and teas while helping our world. Without our sponsors, we are unable to fund our dreams of not only helping provide people with better alternatives through our products but also helping struggling individuals by providing for their basic needs such as food. 

To this end, 13% of the purchase price of each bag is donated to the Denver Rescue Mission, St. Jude, and to help those who are currently homeless and in need. However, we still need more support to be able to achieve the goals that we have set. 

   So, we need you ….

   When you sponsor, you will be helping families eat during their most difficult times. You will also be helping to provide temporary housing and basic care, like laundry and showers, to help lift up those in need. With enough sponsorship, we would be able to make our long-sighted goal of helping find a more permanent solution for those who are homeless. 

When you sponsor Star Herbs Tea and the Colorado Herbal Project, we will place your company logo on our website along with any documentation that is given, which in return provides a source of advertisement for you. You will also be listed in any donations that we give and be placed on our Partner page, as you will be providing a more permanent aspect to our goals. You will also receive regular updates on all that is going on at Star Herbs Tea.  You will be an integral part of our family, just as much as we are. 

   We want to thank you ahead of time for visiting us and for your contributions! It takes a village to make a difference and to provide the light where it is most needed. ​

Thank you! 
Star Herbs Tea

You can help Colorado Herbal Project and Star Herbs Tea.

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Thank You so much for believing and supporting this project!

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