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Star Herbs Tea 

 Colorado Herbal Project

  Share, Support, and Help

The Colorado Herbal Project was created to spread and share the passion of picking fresh herbs, gathering open-minded people with the same passion for herbs, nature, and helping others. 

Star Herbs Tea is a handmade natural herbal tea, picked in the Colorado Mountains where it naturally grows. Other ingredients that make up the tea blend include red rose, rooibos, and thyme which are sourced from the highest quality suppliers. These suppliers are Starwest Botanicals Organic and Davidson’s Organic Tea. 

Star Herbs Tea is looking to expand and is open to any partners, suppliers, part-time assistance, and volunteers that share the same passion for both herbs and people.


Colorado Herbal Project

The Star Herbs Tea website was created to spread and share our passion for picking fresh herbs, to create more than just a product, but to unite people with open-minds, hearts, and a similar passion.

Colorado Herbal Project is looking for friends!

This is an open project to gather people who find the same joy in nature, herbs, and in helping others.  It is for people who follow their hearts. No discrimination based on color, race, age, gender, nor any other discrimination or hate will be accepted.


This project is based on ideas to share, support, and help. You can partner with us also by buying unique blends of herbs.