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Star Herbs Tea looking for Partners

   Star Herbs Tea is the start of a wonderful community. What started from a passion turned into a dream, and then reality. We believe in the power of nature and its positive effects on the human body, and our products target the overall health and well-being of our customers. Our passion for picking and producing herbs is something we hope to share with others.

   When you decide to be a Partner with Star Herbs Tea, you are choosing to support handpicked fresh herbs with unique herbal recipes that help heal and soothe our customers. We are inspired by the beauty of nature and the healing properties of Colorado Organic Natural Herbs. Health and healing are what we pursue, and with your help, our small business will flourish and grow just like our herbs! Our tea is handmade and picked from the Colorado Mountains, where the herbs naturally grow. 

   Being a Star Herbs Tea Partner means being part of a family. An important part of our community is our customers. We are dedicated to providing them with the highest quality tea experience every day or every night. Our online presence makes ordering our Colorado teas easier and efficient, and people in other locations can now experience our unique teas. 

   We give to those who are in need, and 13% of each bag of herbal tea is donated. We are open to supporting discounts and publishing on our page for potential partners. 

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