Each TeaBox comes with 20 tea bags, and each bag is enough for one large cup of tea. We offer a large variety of teas, so you can enjoy your favorite one! Whether it is for a loved one, or you want to stock up on your favorite blend.

Choose your favorite flavor :

 - Black Tea with Earl Grey, Lavender, Juniper Berries, Thyme & Mint.

 - Red Tea with Hibiscus Flowers, Chamomile, Thyme & Mint.

 - White Tea with Pu - Erh, Elderberries, Thyme & Mint.

 - Coral Tea with Rooibos, Vanilla Beans, and Vanilla Extract (Natural / Organic / Kosher), Chai, and Cinnamon.

 - Green Tea with Chunmee Green Tea, Russian Olive Leaves, Russian Sage, Lavender, and Mint.
 - Ruby Tea with Yerba Mate Leaf, Linden, Thyme, and Mint (Powerful Energetic).
 - Yellow Tea with Pu-Erh Yellow Tea, Chamomile,  Thyme, and Mint.

 - Fruitful Colorado Tea with Hibiscus Flowers, Apple Fruit,  Elderberries, Rosehip, Chokeberries, Rowan, Hawthorn, Blackberries, Raspberries Fruits, Blackcurrant and Raspberries Leaves.

 - Random Option (Great solution for Monthly Subscription). We offer discount codes on our website or our Facebook/Instagram pages that can save you 5%, 7%, 10%, or 13% depending on each offer. With the monthly subscription, you can benefit from an additional 7% discount (Double Discount). By taking advantage of this offer you can get a monthly supply of our delicious herbal teas.


TeaBox sizes: 4x4x2.5 in.


All Ingredients are Organic & Natural.


Approx weight 0.33lb.


Colorful TeaBox with 20 tea bags

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