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Every season we, create a new Herbal Tea set, containing 5 large bags of different recipes. Each bag even produces a gallon of tea! This set is perfect if you want to explore new recipes that will help you feel your best and take care of your body.
We pride ourselves on creating unique blends derived from our Special Mix of Colorado herbs which offer many health benefits that can fit your needs. Whether you are looking for something to boost your immune system, cleanse the blood, help your digestive system, or taste good, these herbal tea sets are perfect for you!


Depending on the recipe, For more detailed information about herbs and ingredients, you are welcome to read the full description (benefits, dosage on page: herbs and tea.


Price: $15.00 + tax


Colorado Natural Organic Herbal Tea Set Handmade by Recipe, with  5 big teabags in each Set, which you could use up to 4 - 5 or more cups in each bag.


Approx. weight 0.25 lb

Packaged Herbal Tea Sets in Big Bags

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscript
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$18.14every month until canceled
  • Steep one bag in 33 + ounces of pure spring or filtered water at 177 -187 F for five to seven minutes.

    Please, enjoy and be Healthy!

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