Every month we produce a new Herbal Tea Set Recipe. Our recipes are special and unique, with each one containing ingredients that will help you feel your best and take care of your body. Get ready for this season with our Recipes:


Recipe #18 Winter Snow (November-January). The English Breakfast Black Tea taste and Colorado herbs with helpful ingredients for your lungs, and cleansing the blood.

The Base of the Recipe includes #1 Mint, #2 Rosehips,  #4 Lavender, and #5 Thyme.
Colorado Natural Herbs:  #1 Linden, #4 Nettle, #10 Sagebrush, and #3 Chamomile (when it says + on a Tea Set box).

Other ingredients also include English Breakfast Black Tea.


Recipe #19 Tropical Mix (Deluxe). It's a unique blend made from tropical fruits, forest berries, and a Special Mix of Colorado Herbs with helpful ingredients for your all organs, cleansing blood and improve the immune system.

The Base of the Recipe includes #1 Mint, #2 Rosehips, #3 Chamomile, #4 Lavender, and #5 Hibiscus Flowers.
Colorado Natural Herbs are #1 Linden, #2 Pine Cones, #3 Milk Thistle, #4 Nettle, #5Alfalfa, #7 Mullein, #10 Sagebrush, #14 Russian Sage.

Other ingredients also include Chokeberry, Apple, Rowan, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant Leaf, Raspberry Fruits, Rowan, Cranberry, Elderberry, and Redcurrant.


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Monthly/Seasonal Colorado Natural Organic Herbal Tea Set Handmade by Recipe, with  5 big teabags in each Set, which you could use up to 4 - 5 or more cups each bag.

For more detailed information and the Recipe Number, please look at the page Herbs and Tea.


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Monthly Natural Herbal Tea Set by Recipe

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  • Steep one bag in 33 + ounces of pure spring or filtered water at 177 -187 F for five to seven minutes.

    Please, enjoy and be Healthy!