Not everyone is the same, more is one herbal tea for everyone. So we are providing our Custom Herbal Tea just to fit your unique needs and your daily life. We strive to bring the best set of herbs and quality of tea while helping you gain better and healthier in your day to day routines. Let us help you find the blend that works perfectly for you.


There are 5 big teabags in each Set, which you could use it up to 4 or more cups each bag.

If you have a specific request or problem;

PLEASE, add a NOTE when you put Custom Natural Herbal Tea in your Cart.

Write your specific problem or request.

We'll make the best herbs match for you.

Custom Natural Herbal Tea

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  • Steep one bag in 33 + ounces of pure spring or filtered water at 177 -187 F for five to seven minutes.

    Please, enjoy and be Healthy!